Getting Through Middle School

I like an illustrated/graphic novel with a female main character focused on getting through middle school.  So many times these books have boys at the helm and it is refreshing to have one where the ladies are at the forefront.  However, just like its male counterparts, this book can be enjoyed by both genders since many of the issues relate to growing up and fitting in.  That is something all kids can relate to!

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Title: Frazzledfrazzled getting through middle school

Author: Booki Vivat

Target: Grades 3-7

Series: This is currently the only book but I would not be surprised to see more adventures for Abbie Wu

What this book is about:

Everything about Abbie screams middle. She is the middle child, she has average interests and she is about to start middle school. She just can’t seem to find her thing while everyone else is inspired and excited about something. As she begins school and still feels out of place, her idea of a lunch swap turns her into the class hero. While the lunch swap may not be her passion, it does lead her to discover some qualities about herself which will make middle school not so bad after all.

Why I love this book:

  • First off this is an illustrated novel, and generally I find these geared toward boys. This one deals squarely with a girl and I love that. I also appreciate that the main character is Asian.
  • I must admit that not a whole lot happens in this story, and yet I was totally caught up in the book. Abbie just hooked me from the start because I think that most kids see themselves as unremarkable but surrounded by kids who appear accomplished. Even as an adult I often feel this way!
  • While the version I reviewed did not have all the graphics, a substantial portion were present and they are fun, upbeat and humorous.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids starting middle school, but also a lovely read for girls who may be reluctant readers or ones who need a smart book that they can enjoy as a quick read.

Final thoughts:

love this author’s name. It is like she is destined to write books!

To purchase this book:

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