Fun Summer Book for Kids

You can never get on the summer brain drain early enough!  Get those kids reading right off the bat and you can literally watch their brains grow over the break.  The book I am profiling today is the perfect story to start their summer off right!

In our house we designate 30 minutes of reading time Monday through Friday.  Everyone stops and picks up a book … yes even mom.  Now the kids can of course read any other time they want to, but by reading together it creates feeling of community.  No one thinks reading is a punishment.  Instead it’s something we do together.  Everyone has their favorite spot in our side yard with pillows and a place to prop up their feet.  Mom has even been known to provide snacks!

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Title: Slacker
Author: Gordon Korman
Target: Grade 3-7
Series: No
What this book is a bout: 
Cameron is all about playing video games in his basement.  He has made a life of flying under the radar so that he can perfect his performance in his favorite computer game Rule the World.  But one day he is so caught up in the game that his house literally almost burns down around him.  His parents demand he gets an activity outside of gaming.  In his infinite wisdom he decides to make up a club, the Positive Action Group (PAG) and become the president.  The problem is that students start joining the club and promoting good deeds, which goes squarely against Cameron’s desire to lay low.  Will he actually have to get involved (gasp) or will he find a way to remain the ultimate slacker?
Why I love this book:
  • Cameron is every kid who sits on the couch and just wants to be left alone while they play.  Sound familiar?  Kids will relate to Cameron and his game playing addiction.
  • This story is told in multiple perspectives and short chapters which makes it an engaging read.  Korman is a skilled author and so there are plenty of laugh inducing moments.  This book reads quickly and it’s funny, making it a winner from the start.
  • I have been liking Korman’s recent books.  I was totally caught up in this story and wanted to see how long Cameron could hold out and remain a slacker.  Of course the less Cameron does, the more people in the school revere him for being their fearless leader of PAG.  Oh the irony!
Who this book is for: 
Great book for reluctant readers.  Also good for kids who like Dave Barry, Stuart Gibbs or Korman’s other series Master Minds.


Final thoughts:
I don’t know how the twist at the end caught me by surprise.  I guess I am getting slow in my old age.  Can’t say more, you must read the book!
To purchase this book:
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