For the Kid Who Always Tries to Be Good

Today I have a book for the kid who always tries to be good.  You know the one.  He worries about doing the wrong thing.  She always tries to get the other kids to behave.  He stresses when others aren’t following the rules.  Well in this story, the pressure to be good all the time just gets to be too much, so some self-care is in order!

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Title: The Good Eggfor the kid who always tries to be good the good egg

Author: Jory John

Target: Preschool-Grade 2

What this book is about:

The good egg is always there to help someone in need.  He follows the rules, he keeps the peace, he tries to fix everyone else’s bad behavior.  But the pressure of being good leads to cracks in his shell because you “can’t be the only good egg in a bad carton”.  After relaxing and finding his way he discovers he is lonely without the rest of his dozen.  So he works on not worrying so much and sometimes joining in on the fun, even if it means not being perfect.  And hey, that’s ok!

Why I love this book:

  • Good message delivered in a funny way. I was that kid that always had to do the right thing, and I put way to much pressure on myself.  This book acknowledges that with plenty of laughs along the way.  We are all rooting for the good egg, and it really is ok for him to have some fun and let loose.
  • Wonderful illustrations by Pete Oswald.  They are charming and imbued with humor to perfectly match the narrative.  Lots of funny details. Kids will find new clever discoveries in the pictures with each read.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who suffer from the perils of perfectionism.  If your child enjoyed The Bad Seed, they will certainly like this one.  Really good for any kid who likes funny.

Final thoughts: 

Is it bad to admit that I still need to internalize this message as an adult?

To purchase this book:

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