For Kids Still Searching for Their Passion

Today I have a book for kids still searching for their passion.  Often times, like Lindy in this story, kids get worried that they don’t have a “thing” that makes them stand out and they are falling behind their peers.  Lindy learns that what brings her joy doesn’t have to be big and flashy, but something she truly loves.

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Title: Keys to the Cityfor kids still searching for their passion keys to the city

Author: Lisa Schroeder

Target: Grades 4-7

Series: No but there is a companion book My Secret Guide to Paris

What this book is about:

Lindy is going into seventh grade at a NYC school and needs to apply to high schools next year. Their principle challenges them over the summer to find where their abilities and talents may lie to help them decide what schools might be right for them. It seems to Lindy that all her friends have a talent, but hers is nonexistent. Their new neighbor takes Lindy on a series of adventures over the summer to try new things and see if there is a fit. But it turns out her talent was in front of her all along.

Why I love this book:

  • First off I think kids get worried when they don’t have their “thing.” There is so much pressure to be good at something that not having a passion makes kids feel as though they are falling behind.  This book shows that your passion doesn’t necessarily have to be big and flashy to count.
  • I like that Lindy is adopted. While not a central part of the story it still is nice to see characters with different backgrounds represented. Lindy struggles with her passion in part because she doesn’t know where her birth parents excelled. This knowledge may not be a guarantee of knowing her talent, but it would give her a place to start.
  • I enjoyed the different outing they take around New York City. I have to say that I was a little disappointed that the trips couldn’t be replicated by kids visiting the city. The fun part of My Secret Guide to Paris was that all the places could be visited by readers.

Who this book is for:

Anyone who likes Lisa Schroeder’s other offering will not be disappointed. Fans of Wendy Mass and the M!X series will also like this one. This book is for kids who like realistic fiction, dogs (yes there is a dog)  and a taste of New York City.

Final thoughts:

Fun new addition to a library.

To purchase this book:

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