For a Kid Who Wants to Be Exceptional

Today I have a book for a kid who wants to be exceptional.  Hey, there are kids out there who are destined for greatness but just how do they achieve this monumental status?  Well, let Steve the horse be their guide.  I mean this guy has got it all going on.

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Title: A Horse Named Stevefor a kid who wants to be exceptional

Author: Kelly Collier

Target: Preschool-Grade 2

Series: No

What this book is about:

Steve wants to be exceptional and when he runs across a gold horn, he believes he has found his ticket to greatness.  He straps it to his head and gallops off to show his friends.  Through his travels, his horn gets loose and hangs around his neck.  When his friends can no longer see the thing that makes him special, Steve thinks it may be the end of his brilliance.  However, in the interim, his friends have all tied special things on top of their heads, so without his horn, Steve is indeed exceptionally different!  Turns out the natural look may be what makes Steve unique all along.

Why I love this book:

  • First off I love books where the kids are in on the joke and the main character has not figured out yet what is going on.  As Steve’s horn get looser and looser, kids will see that it is still there, but Steve, on the other hand, is clueless.  His frantic search for something that really is meaningless will have kids giggling in the aisles.
  • There are plenty of jokes and witty comments thrown into this one.  Any parent with a sense of humor will have a field day reading the humorous quips from all the animals, and kids will eat them up.
  • Love the illustrations which are also by Collier.  I really appreciate the simple drawings.  That said, sometimes the humor of the other animals tying branches and bushes to their heads gets a little lost in the monochromatic color palate.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who appreciate funny books and for parents who have fun reading to their kids.  Fans of Jonathan Fenske will enjoy this one.

Final thoughts:

Nice way to talk to kids about the fact that things don’t make them special.  Perhaps a nice lesson coming back from holiday break!

To purchase this book:

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