Most Popular Posts of 2017

I always like to take a moment to look back at the most popular posts of 2017.  These are the blogs that readers seemed to enjoy in record numbers.  A quick scan makes me realize that I should be reviewing adult books since my only two posts about grown-up stories made it into my top five.  But hey I am sticking to my “winning” strategy of kid fare, my business degree be damned.

While not in the top five, baseball stories were prevalent in the top 10, as well as many graphic novels.  I am not surprised by this trend as I try and get those posts up quickly but authors just can’t write enough of these books for the readers who devour them.

So what did you love … well here goes.  Feel free to click on the blog title to relive the fun.



Calling All Class Moms

This post beat all the rest, and for good reason.  This book speaks to every mom who reads my blog, no matter what stories their kids like or didn’t like.  It isn’t often we moms get to read a book that “gets” us in the funniest way.



A New Series from the Creator of Captain Underpants

This post is a year and a half old, but it simply proves that Dav Pilkey can do no wrong.  When you have a winning formula to get reluctant readers to pick up a book and you have an abundance of talent, every new series is gold.




Adult Books to Watch

These were the books I previewed from Book Expo that publishers thought would be the hot titles.  My Absolute Darling is the one that stands out as the most talked about story in book circles this year and probably turned out to be the bonified hit from the bunch.



Embrace the Awkwardness of Middle School

I won’t lie, this one surprised me.  It is a great book, but I had no idea so many readers had been drawn to this post.  However, it is a wonderful look at how texting is changing kid’s relationships with each other and how a return to face to face communication can actually make things better.



A Modern Retelling of Little Women

Well blow me over, this one shocked me as well.  This book is delightful, but it is absolutely innocent and not what I thought readers, in general, would gravitate towards.  I was happily surprised to see it make the top 5!