Fantasy and Science Fiction for Kids

This book provides a good dose of fantasy and science fiction for kids.  In a galaxy far far away Lucky is just discovering his powers and the role he will play in saving the universe.  This book is another import from the UK and the story leads us into an intergalactic war with consequences no one could have foreseen.  Lucky will have to find and understand his gifts before it is too late for him to use them.

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Title: Phoenixphoenix fantasy and science fiction for kids

Author: S. F. Said

Target: Grade 5-8

Series: No

What this book is about:

Lucky lives on the planet Phoenix and one day he wakes up with his bed sheets burning. When his mother finds out she makes them pack their bags immediately and find a way off the planet. However, the only way off is with the Axxa, an alien race with whom the humans are at war and his mother perishes as they leave. Can Lucky trust these aliens, and what is the mystery about his powers that his mother had been keeping from him? He will play a powerful role in the war, as slowly his reality is revealed to him.

Why I love this book:

  • This book was on all sorts of award lists in the UK before it came to the US so I was intrigued. I also don’t get a lot of science fiction for this age group so it was nice to see this genre. The author has created a unique set of worlds incorporating mythology that are quite well fleshed out so I was impressed.
  • Strangely Lucky was probably the least interesting character in the story. I loved his friend Bixa and the star talker Mystica. I was also curious about the connection with the stars and the idea of the astrolabe into which Lucky could merge and navigate through the galaxy.
  • There are illustrations in the book which you don’t often see for this age group. I must admit they didn’t appeal to me in particular, but I still appreciate a visual reference for older kids.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who like science fiction and adventure stories. If you child enjoyed Ender’s Game or The House of Scorpion, then this one will be right up their alley.

Final thoughts:

A very well done entrant in the Science Fiction category for kids.

To purchase this book:

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