Fantasy and Adventure Series for Kids

It is always nice to remind you about fantasy and adventure series for kids that have been out a while but that still pack a punch.  The Rangers Apprentice is one such series.  I reviewed this back in 2013, but it remains a great read for kids and with twelve books in the series well, lets just say you can sit back a relax for a few weeks.

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Title: Ranger’s ApprenticeRangers Apprentice fantasy and adventure series for kids

Author: John Flanagan

Target: Grades 4-8

Series: Yes

What this book is about:

Will is a ward of his kingdom, having been orphaned as a baby. When he turns fifteen, he must be chosen to apprentice in a particular field or he will end up working the farms around the castle. To his surprise, he is chosen by the Rangers, a mysterious group that seems to appear and disappear at will, their mission always obscured in secrecy. But a battle is brewing across the land, with the return of the king’s fallen enemy, and the Rangers will play a key role in this confrontation. As Will learns the ways of the Rangers, will he be ready?

Why I love this book:

  •  My son begged me to read this book. Thankfully, I listened to him, because I could  see why he enjoyed it so much.  Will is immediately a likable character and the pace of the book is great. The author does a wonderful job at building the suspense and excitement in many of the more climactic sequences.
  • The relationship between Will and Halt, his Ranger mentor and trainer, was complicated and supportive with just enough mystery to keep you guessing. The relationship with Will and the other apprentices, was also well thought out. It is obvious these relationships will play out throughout the series and they are set up for some engaging interactions.

Who this book is for:

All the action in this book should appeal to most kids.  Fans of Rick Riordan, Five Kingdoms or The Unwanteds should like this series.

Final thoughts:

As my son would say, “What took you so long to read this book?”

To purchase this book:

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