Fantasy and Adventure Book for Kids

A fantasy and adventure book for kids is always appreciated.  Can there ever really be enough when your kids devour this genre?  The book I am profiling today has a little bit of everything.  There is a race to solve a puzzle, plenty of heart pounding action and some mythology thrown in for good measure.  I found it a lot of fun and for kids who enjoy Dan Gutman or Rick Riordan, this book is right up their alley.

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Title: The Secret Boxthe-secret-box fantasy and adventure book for kids

Author: Whitaker Ringwald

Target: Grades 3-7

Series: Yes

What this book is about:

Told in alternating perspectives, this book follows Jax and her cousin Ethan as they explore a mysterious birthday gift from their aunt. This a women they never knew existed and she sends Jax a box that she can’t open. It turns out the box is a puzzle and Ethan and Jax must solve it to get to the contents. Of course, this means traveling to Washignton DC, breaking and entering a motel as well as hostage negotiations to get their aunt back! Oh, and did I mention that Greek mythology is involved as well as some bad guys who may or may not have ties to Pandora … yes that Pandora.

Why I love this book:

  • Gosh this book was a lot of fun with plenty of action. I love Ethan who is quite shy but always the voice of reason in the group. Jax is the risk taker who gets completely caught up in the mystery she has to solve.
  • There are nice elements of mythology included in the book. It is not teaming with stuff kids have to remember about Greek gods, but it gives them a taste of stories that will wet their appetite.
  • I like that the book had a good conclusion, but left strings hanging for the next installment. I am intrigued to know more.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who are fans of The Genius Files or kids who like Rick Riordan, although this book skews a little younger than the latter.  The alternating viewpoints make it a good pick for reluctant readers.

Final thoughts:

The author uses a pseudonym which I find interesting. She does have lots of writing chops under her belt.

To purchase this book:

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