Everything About Mountains

Today I have a super cool book that tells you everything about mountains.  Ok, maybe not everything, but an awful lot.  It was originally published in Germany and has been translated for the American market.  Without a doubt, this book has the most striking illustrations I have seen on this subject.  They are gorgeous and I couldn’t resist picking this one up for the pictures alone.


everything about mountains mountains of the world


Mountains of the World by Dieter Braun

Braun shares a wealth of information in this book.  He talks about how a mountain is made and gives details of some of the most famous mountains such as Everest.  But Braun also shares with readers the remnants of mountains in Monument Valley, AZ, the most beautiful range, Huang Shan in China and the fairytale bay of Halong in Vietnam.  He profiles animals that live at these higher peaks and the gear needed to ascend and descend some of these elevations.

The only reason I would not give this book five stars is the organization, although if I could give this book more stars than five for illustrations I would. While the book is chock full of worthwhile information, there doesn’t seem to be a natural flow to how it is presented and this may be because of the translation.

I would target this book for a little older audience because there are some assumptions that your child knows about the basics of tectonic plates, for example.  However, younger readers can still get a lot out of the book and I can see a younger sibling pouring over some of the facts.

This is a really stunning book that will get even the most the most skeptical child interested in the basics of mountains, how they were formed, the creatures that call them home, the adventures surrounding them and their beauty.

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