Even Vikings Can Have Trouble the First Day of School

It may be hard to believe, but even Vikings can have trouble the first day of school.  Yes, the Norwegian in me makes this a must read for back to school but even those who were not named after a goddess in Norse mythology can appreciate the messages of sharing and friendship.

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Title: Eddaeven vikings can have trouble the first day of school Edda

Author: Adam Auerbach

Target: Kindergarten – Grade 4

What this book is about:

Edda is a Valkyrie living in Asgard where magic and adventure abound. The only problem is that there are no other kids to share it with. Edda’s dad takes her down to Earth were she can go to school and meet new folks her own age. But school isn’t always easy because she has to sit still and wait her turn. However, after Edda writes an essay sharing Asgard with the class, friends are anxious for playdates and even a few creatures from Edda’s realm would like to check out this “school” which now doesn’t seem so bad.

Why I love this book:

  • Oh this Norwegian can’t resist a story with Valkyrie and Asgard! For those non Norwegians, a Valkyrie is an ancient Norse goddess who guides and protects heroes. How cool is that? So many kids have studied mythology now that Norse gods and goddesses are far more familiar fare than they used to be and many kids will enjoy these references.
  • School can feel foreign to every kid, but when you find your friends and share your interests it is amazing how much better it becomes. It is never easy fitting in at first, even when you are a brave Viking!

Who this book is for:

Because of the mythological references this is a great back to school book for the older crowd, but even younger kids will enjoy it.

Final thoughts:

Not everyone can bring an unruly monster in for show and tell!

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