Escape Into a Great Early Reader

If you read my blog regularly, you know how militant I am about getting great early readers into the hands of kids.  I have been a Cybils early reader judge for two years because I think this is such an important time to hook these kids in to books.  If they love to read when they are young, their skills develop and they are treated to a host of wonderful choices later on to fuel the fire.  So thank you to all the authors who toil in this often less than illustrious genre but make such a significant impact.  Getting kids to escape into a great early reader is such a gift.

Today I have a book by an author whose graphic novel won a Newbery Honor!  Now if that isn’t an impressive writer to have tackling an early reader, I don’t know who is?  She brings her graphic novel talent to the younger set and with it comes gorgeous illustrations and laugh out loud moments.  Yipee for us!

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Title: The Great Pet Escapegreat-pet-escape escape into a great early reader

Author: Victoria Jamieson

Target: Grades 2-4

Series: No

What this book is about:

GW is the hamster in the second grade classroom and he wants out. His two partner’s in crime Barry, a rabbit and Biter, a guinea pig are also locked in the school, so GW plans a big escape. The problem is that Barry and Biter have grown to enjoy life in first grade and kindergarten and aren’t so anxious to be on the lamb. But the friends do have to reunite to save the school from Harriet, the fourth grade mouse who is bent on causing mayhem throughout the school. Will this be enough excitement for GW to recapture the glory days of his old life?

Why I love this book:

  • I love graphic novels where the panels are clear and beautifully illustrated. Check. I also like it when kids don’t have the squint to read the speech bubbles. Check.
  • Funny story that will have kids giggling the whole way through. A lovely early introduction to graphic novels that has challenging vocabulary that kids will be inspired to read.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids starting chapter books. Kids who enjoy Bird and Squirrel, Lunch Lady or Kung Pow Chicken will like this one.

Final thoughts:

This is from the author/illustrator of Roller Girl, one of my favorite graphic novels from last year.

To purchase this book:

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