Epic Fantasy Adventure

The book I am profiling today was an omission in my kid lit arsenal.  It was one of those stories that I knew I should read, but there was always a book in front of it that seemed more compelling.  Well, as I was cataloging my recently completed stories, I realized that I had a hole in the fantasy/adventure genre, and finally this book came to the forefront.  It is an epic fantasy adventure and I am so sorry I didn’t get to it sooner!  It has everything you could want: battles, dragons, quests, trolls, family, and magic.  Call me a fool for waiting so long.

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Title: The Sea of Trollssea-of-trolls epic fantasy adventure

Author: Nancy Farmer

Target: Grade 5 and up

Series: Yes

What this book is about:

Jack is a Saxon boy who works on the farm to help support his family. However, when the local Bard takes an interest in him, he becomes an apprentice and his life changes forever. He starts learning the magic of the life force and sees the world in a new way. But Jack and his sisters are captured by a band of Vikings.  They take them to the kingdom of Ivar the Boneless and from there Jack encounters berserkers, giants, dragons, magic and mythology the likes of which he never knew existed.

Why I love this book:

  • This is such a richly layered story that I was completely caught up in the plight of Jack and in his journey. There is also such humanity and humor in the book that I was amazed at every turn.
  • Of course any book that touches on Norse mythology is a winner in my book. The many references to Freya, my goddess namesake, were certainly appreciated.
  • Great battles, trolls, dragons, and epic adventures make this a story hard to put down. Kids will certainly be transported to another world

Who this book is for:

Great for fans of Rick Riordan, especially if they enjoyed Magnus Chase. Kids who like fantasy books will be drawn to this story. The book is long at 480 pages but the story moves quickly, so do not be dissuaded by the size.

Final thoughts: 

My son begged me four years ago to read this one and it just never captured my interest.  Turned out I couldn’t put it down!  Oops!

To purchase this book:

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