Entertaining Picture Book Featuring Grumpy Grandma

Today I have an entertaining picture book featuring grumpy grandma.  This is a humorous look at when parents or caregivers just need a moment, but are still crazy about their kids.  This one has quite a bit of award buzz around it, but I have a terrible track record predicting the Caldecott so I have given up trying.  Let’s just say this book will delight.

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Title: Leave Me Alone!leave me alone entertain picture book featuring grumpy grandma

Author: Vera Brosgol

Target: Kindergarten – Grade 2

Whatt his book is about:

One grandmother is part of a very big family. She has some important knitting to do but finds it impossible to get anything done while her grandchildren are using her yarn as a plaything. In a huff she goes to find someplace to be alone! Out in the woods, she thinks she has found some peace until a bear tries to eat her up. This cranky grandma will not stand for it. Up the mountain? Hungry yarn eating mountain goats! The moon? Aliens! Wormhole? Perfect! Until she realizes that being alone is not really what she wants after all.

Why I love this book:

  • First off the clever turns of phrase that the author uses have me giggling every time I read it. Add to that the premise that every parent needs a moment of peace, and you have a winner.
  • The illustrations are fun and expressive. Vera Brosgol perfectly captures the frustration of grandma as well as the indifference of some of her companions as she seeks a quiet space to get a few things done.

Who this book is for:

Great for older kids who get the gag that mom needs a moment to herself sometimes.

Final thoughts:

This is cranky done well!

To purchase this book:

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