Entertaining Middle Grade Read

Today I have a book that is an entertaining middle grade read.  This one tackles kids with the stigma of “unteachable” and we all have a few of those students in our kid’s classes!  I think these books serve as a wonderful reminder that these kids have challenges we don’t always see or understand.  The message, in this case, is delivered with humor and lots of action.

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Title: The Unteachablesentertaining middle grade read the untouchables

Author: Gordon Korman

Target: Grades 4-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

Told from multiple perspectives, this book follows a class of kids who are difficult learners.  The teacher, Mr. Kermit is counting the down the days until early retirement with no interest in the class.  The students all have their own issues.  Parker has undiagnosed dyslexia, Elaine is feared by all because she is silent and quite large. Kianna has stumbled into the class, despite the fact that she has no learning challenges whatsoever, because her home life doesn’t feel permanent.  This ragtag bunch realizes they really do care about each other and they can become something other than unteachable.

Why I love this book:

  • I always appreciate books that are told from multiple perspectives. I think it is a wonderful tool for kids to develop empathy and understanding. I did have some trouble keeping the characters straight in the beginning because only certain kid’s voices are shared, but eventually, I got a good read on the class.
  • Lots of different issues are addressed in this book and the kids are very appealing.  Kianna, who championed the class, was a favorite of mine.  I had a soft spot for Mr. Kermit.  I don’t know how more teachers don’t get burnt out sooner, but watching his transformation was great.
  • Plenty of action in this one.  A stunt to get rid of especially loud noisemakers goes awry and the science fair escapades are especially humorous.

Who this book is for:

Great for fans of multiple perspective books such as Because of Mr. Terupt. I immediately thought of Class Dismissed after reading this one, so if your child liked that one, The Unteachables will resonate.

Final thoughts:

Gordon Korman is a very reliable storyteller.  I have yet to pick up one of his books and be disappointed.

To purchase this book:

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