Early Readers That Please

Today I have a series of early readers that please even the pickiest of new readers.  Mo Willems is using his Elephant & Piggie characters to launch a new series  with a variety of authors.  The Elephant & Piggie Like Reading collaboration is getting more fabulous early readers into the hands of kids, and that my friends is a great thing.

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Title: The Good for Nothing Button!early readers that please good for nothing button

Author: Charise Mericle Harper

Target: Preschool – Kindergarten

Series: This book is part of the Elephant & Piggie Like Reading series

What this book is about:

Yellow Bird has a button and when you press it it does nothing. However, when Blue Bird presses it he is surprised by how easy it is to press and Red Bird presses it and is sad that she is not surprised. Pushing the button makes the other birds happy but Yellow Bird gets mad because THIS BUTTON DOES NOTHING! How can something that does nothing make everyone feel something?

Why I love this book:

  • I love these collaborations with authors to get funny and clever early readers into the hands of kids. These books maintain the theme of the Elephant & Piggie books for having a simple vocabulary, imaginative stories, clever twists and plenty of laughs.
  • I appreciate that all the stories are introduced by Elephant & Piggie. It is like the book is being pre-approved to please.
  • Charise Mericle Harper’s Bean Dog and Nugget series is wonderful so I was so pleased to see her authoring this latest installment for Elephant & Piggie.

Who this book is for:

Any kid who loves the Elephant & Piggie series will like this one. This book fits nicely with the first two books in this spin off compilation of books. The story reminded me of one of my favorite picture books Let’s Do Nothing, so if your kids enjoyed that one, this one will be a hit.

Final thoughts:

The next book in the series It’s Shoe Time will be out in November and it is also delightful!

To purchase this book:

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