Early Chapter Book That Speaks to Young Readers

Today I am revisiting an early chapter book series that is so well done.  The topics the book covers are sophisticated, but the feelings and emotions of the main character are so relatable for this age group.  To create an early chapter book that speaks to young readers and that also has so much depth is a great feat.  This was one book my daughter couldn’t put down!

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Title: Like Pickle Juice on a Cookielike-pickel-juice early chapter book that speaks to young readers

Author: Julie Sternberg

Target: Kindergarten – Grade 2

Series: Yes

What this book is about:
The story is about a young girl whose babysitter, Bibi, is moving away. She has to deal with the loss of someone close to her, and realize that she can miss Bibi but still adapt to change.

Why I love this book:
I love that the subject matter in this book is dealt with in a way that second graders can relate to. The ideas are simple and well executed so it feels that a young child would be able to empathize with the emotions of the main character.  This is a book that really understands it’s target audience and that will resonate with readers.

Who this book is for:
This book is wonderful for children just moving to chapter books. The layout of pages are not overwhelming and the text is very manageable for a new reader.  Pictures appear on every page.

Final thoughts:
A complex topic written in a simple way. This is really a lovely book with some depth for the younger set!

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