Delightful Book for Father’s Day

Today I have a delightful book for Father’s Day.  This picture book shows the stoic life of “dad” as he takes on his daily chores and supplements it with his son’s take on what his dad does all day. The irony is funny and the best part of the day remains when father and son can spend time together!

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Title: Just Like Daddyjust like daddy delightful book for Father's Day

Author: Ovi Nedelcu

Target: Preschool – Kindergarten

What this book is about:

In this story our little boy wants to be “just like daddy.” He gets up with enthusiasm, ready to take on the day, while dad is rubbing his eyes at the crack of dawn. He plays at driving his construction trucks while dad sits in traffic. He “works” on his projects with crayons and markers while dad sits surrounded by paperwork. But the one thing they really do have in common is dreaming about spending time together enjoying the weekend!

Why I love this book:

  • Great take on what kids see as the idealized life of adults vs. the actual life of adults. It could be a little depressing if it didn’t end on the high of spending time together! The irony is well done and funny.
  • Love the illustration by Ovi Nedelcu. He has worked for Disney and Dreamworks and that shines through in these vibrant graphics.

Who this book is for:

I don’t know if kids or adults will enjoy this one more.

Final thoughts:

I can see a Just Like Mommy coming next …

To purchase this book:

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