Delightful Biography Series for Kids

Today I have a delightful biography series for kids.  This book features Helen Keller but the series also covers such notable names as Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Einstein, Jane Goodall and Ghandi to name a few.  They depict these famous namesakes as children throughout the books and their stories are told in a conversational style, making them ideal for young kids although all kids will find them very accessible and entertaining.

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Title: I am Hellen Kelleri am hellen keller delightful biography series for kids

Author: Brad Meltzer

Target: Kindergarten – Grade 4

Series: Yes. There is a series of biographies of famous people.

What this book is about:

This book in the series focuses on the life of Hellen Keller. It goes through her isolation, her breakthrough with Annie Sullivan, how she learned to read, her challenges attending college and her continued fight for people with disabilities.  I think that readers will be surprised at the impact Hellen Keller made later in her life because the media has focused so much on how she overcame her disabilities as opposed to how she used her fame and insights to help others.

Why I love this book:

  • These books are a wonderful way to introduce kids to the lives of remarkable women and men. The illustrations are charming and the ideas are big, but written in a way that will allow little people to absorb them. I loved how the book gave real life examples of Braille so that kids can feel the letters!
  • The illustrations in this series are fun and fabulous. They make the subject feel accessible and even though the events may be serious, the pictures provide levity and interest.
  • There are actual photographs in the back of the book that bring the story to life for kids.

Who this book is for:

These books are written in such a compelling way that they are lovely introductions to famous people for kids of all ages. Younger children will enjoy being read the biography and older children will easily tackle the narrative.

Final thoughts:

This book is charming. It brought to life a lot of the work Hellen Keller accomplished after she learned to communicate and is absolutely inspirational.

To purchase this book:

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