Charming Book About a Rock?

This is a charming book about a rock?  Yup, even this small grey mineral can be the star of the show.  The best part is that she can use her flexibility and imagination to become even more than a rock because this is how she rolls.

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Title: Petracharming book about a rock Petra

Author: Marianna Coppo

Target: Preschool-Grade 2

What this book is about:

Petra is a mountain, an immovable, majestical mountain … until she discovers that she is, in fact, a pebble!  As she gets tossed into a nest, she assumes she is an egg and delights at what may hatch from her …. until she gets thrown into the river and realizes she is an island … or perhaps a rock.  Yup, you get the idea.

Why I love this book:

  • Ok, I love the message here that we tend to judge ourselves by our surroundings and flexibility is key.  Kids are constantly being put into new and sometimes uncomfortable situations, and being able to adapt and get the best out of those situations is an important lesson.  This book delivers that message with humor and a little whimsy.
  • Let’s talk about this adorable and delightful artwork!  With great simplicity and a fairly muted palate, Coppo has captured our attention.  That is not so easy to do when the star of the book is a rock!

Who this book is for:

Fun for all kids.  They will delight in Petra as she redefines herself with each new scenario in which she finds herself!  

Final thoughts:

I love a great import and this book was originally published in Italy.  The Europeans do picture books well.  There is always a sly sense of humor that shines through.

To purchase this book:

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