Chapter Book Full of Heart and Laughs

Today I have a chapter book full of heart and laughs.  I recommended it recently to a few parents and despite being published a few years back, this book continues to delight kids.  This is the one story that got my then third grader to move up to chapter books.  With its very real look at the struggles in third grade, combined with plenty of chuckles, kids will recognize their own anxieties and feel heard.  Oh, and they’ll laugh a lot too.

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Title: Justin Casejustin case chapter book full of heart and laughs

Author: Rachel Vail

Target: Grades 2-4

Series: Yes

About this book:

The main character, Justin Krzeszewski, is full of heart, and of worries. He is a typical third grader struggling with sports, friends and doing well in school. Will he ever remember what 8×3 equals? Why does he have to learn the violin? Will he get a dog? Will he stop being afraid of dogs? The list goes on and on…. but the humor is always there

Why I like it:

Justin Case is told in a Diary format so if feels like a very manageable read. Justin’s worries are the same ones that every 3rd grader encounters, but may not always want to share! The book is written with alot of heart and humor and is perfectly appropriate for elementary school!

Who this book is for:

Kids who like the diary format of reading will enjoy this. Each page has one or two daily diary entries, with small illustrations thrown in.   Kids who enjoy Alvin Ho or Timmy Failure will also gravitate towards this one.

Final thoughts:

Justin is such an appealing character that his challenges will ring true to the boys reading it!

To purchase this book:

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