Celebration of the Statue of Liberty

Today I have a book that is a celebration of the Statue of Liberty.  Well, actually it’s more than that.  It is a recognition of how the statue represents a woman who is not content to sit idly by as immigrants come in.  She is compelled to reach out to the sea to bring in these huddled masses.  This book shares the lovely idea that a statue on the move is an active participant in welcoming immigrants to our country.

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Title: Her Right Footcelebration of the statue of liberty her right foot

Author: Dave Eggers

Target: Kindergarten – Grade 3

What this book is about:

You all know the story about the Statue of Liberty and how it came to be, and this book makes sure to recount that history to ensure you are up to date. However, it also shares a fact you might not have noticed about the statue. She is on the move. Yup you heard that right. With her size 879 shoe, she is not just standing around. Could liberty and freedom from oppression be something that requires her to act? She is, after all, an immigrant too, who is not content to wait.

Why I love this book:

  • Think about all those fact books you have read about the Statue of Liberty and then throw them out the window. This book is charming, funny, clever and full of interesting tidbits. Kids and adults will be thoroughly entertained while learning quite a lot about this iconic statue.
  • Let’s talk about the illustrations by Shawn Harris. They are slightly abstract, colorful and a perfect complement to the narrative. There really is so much to look at that I see something new each time I read this book.
  • This book is wonderfully inclusive. Both the illustrations of immigrants as well as the countries from which they arrive range from Italy to Liberia.

Who this book is for:

Wonderful for all kids and a lovely reminder of how we strive to welcome immigrants. I have skewed the age a little older because the book is actually quite large. At 104 pages it may prove to be a little too much for the youngest readers.

Final thoughts:

Great book to read before you visit the statue!

To purchase this book:

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