Calling All Class Moms

Calling all class moms to a book that will make you feel understood in the best possible way.  While this is usually a place for kid books, I couldn’t let this one go by without making sure it was on your radar.  Laurie Gelman nails all the classroom parent politics with absolute humor and a mastery of the nuances.  I would take her as my class mom any day of the week.

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Title: Class Momcalling all class moms

Author: Laurie Gelman

Target: Any mom who has ever volunteered at school!

What this book is about:

Jen has two daughters in college, so when her son Max is ready to start kindergarten she has already been around this block a time or two. Her BFF, the PTA President, convinces her she will a great class mom so she heads into the challenge with gusto and just a little bit of sarcasm, or should I say a lot. Some of the other moms don’t always appreciate her humor, some just want to cause problems and there is that old crush from high school who is a dad in the class to keep her on her toes. Will she last in this job and was it really supposed to be this hard?

Why I love this book:

  • God I just want to be Jen in my next life. Her humor is spot on. I just wish I could have had half the fun she does with class emails. Between the mom who always brings cups, recording response times to class requests, allergy mom and setting up conference times, I was giggling endlessly.
  • Who knew a story about being a mom could be so fun and entertaining? Between the endless truths and the aha moments, I realized that perhaps we actually do rock!

Who this book is for:


Final thoughts:

This isn’t award winning literature but you will binge on it with absolute delight and a knowing sense of being understood!

To purchase this book:

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