Bringing Back the Classics

Today I am bringing back the classics!  New York Review Books Children’s Collection is a series of children’s books released under the publishing imprint New York Review Books. The series was founded in 2003 to reintroduce some of the many children’s books that have fallen out of print, or simply out of mainstream attention.  Most were originally published before my childhood, but are very reminiscent of the Lois Lenski books my kids loved to have read to them because of their retro appeal.

I had a chance to check out The Little Woman Wanted Noise from this collection, originally published in 1943.  My kids would have really enjoyed this one when they were little.  Animal sounds, repetitive noises and a woman who needs a little chaos in her life is just the ticket for a great read.  Parents will also appreciate the message that a healthy, happy home is worth far more than one not filled with a little disarray.  The illustrations are by Robert Lawson whose work you will recognize from Ferdinand and are charming.

Getting the age right on this one is important.  Past Kindergarten and this will be too juvenile.  The text is too long for the youngest crowd.  So from ages 3-5 is probably ideal for this book.

Hope you and your family enjoy this republished blast from the past!

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