Great Summer Reads for Kids

The fun continues with more summer reads that will get your kids excited about books over the break!  Today I have one that teaches us about Wonder Woman when she was just a teen, trying to manage friends and please her mom.  Perhaps she was a little more typical than anyone would have first imagined?

Of course I have another summer reading tip for you.  Try to put out a variety of books for your kids to choose from.  The library is a great place to go to get a stack at no cost to you!  Sometimes when parents only purchase or bring home that one book they think will work for their kids, they put too much pressure on their child to like that particular story.  If it isn’t a hit, the child feels guilty and thinks they have disappointed their parent.  So let variety be their guide and don’t worry if one book isn’t a fit.  A month from now it may be the perfect read!

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Title: Wonder Woman at Super Hero High
Author: Lisa Yee
Target: Grades 3-7
Series: Yes
What this book is about: 
In this story, Wonder Woman is just a teen who wants to hone her skills and be the best Super Hero she can be.  While she loves her mom, she has never left her home on Paradise Island, and she wants to see the world and make new friends.  She convinces her mom that she should attend Super Hero High which is far from her island.  As she navigates new friends, social media and learning valuable life skills, all she wants to do is to make her mom proud. But someone doesn’t want Wonder Woman at Super Hero High and she needs to find who and why!
Why I love this book:
  • Ok true confession time.  I was very skeptical of a book that has a full on marketing blitz of action figures and lower grade readers tied to it.  What you can end up with is a book that is meant to sell toys and not a book that is well written.  I am happy to say that this one surprised me in the best possible way.  While not highbrow literature, it is funny, full of suspense and thoroughly engaging.  What a delight.
  • I love the focus on female comic heroes.  I never had a real interest in the comic books with male dominated action heroes, but I was all in to learning about the ladies.  It makes these comics much more accessible and interesting to girls.
  • Lisa Yee has created a story that gives us the history and power of Wonder Woman, but also deals with everyday issues that girls are navigating through in school.  There is social awkwardness, finding friends and managing difficult social situations  Girls will be able to relate to these stories minus the bullet deflecting cuffs of course.
Who this book is for: 
Girls who have liked books series like Ever After High will enjoy this one.  But girls who also like books where the women are strong and problem solvers will also gravitate to this series.
Final thoughts:
Loved learning about Wonder Woman and can’t wait for the next installment, Super Girl.
To purchase this book:
Click on the following link to connect to Amazon: Wonder Woman at Super Hero High.  A portion of each purchase will go to support this blog at no cost to you.  Thank you for your support.