Book with Heart and Competitive Eating

It is not often, ok never, that I get to recommend a book with heart and competitive eating.  It is just a subject that is not examined in the context of kid’s literature.  Well, today is a new dawn, so watch out Nathan’s Hot Dogs.  There could be a new crop of competitive eaters just around the corner.

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Title: Sliderbook with heart and competitive eating slider

Author: Pete Hautman

Target: Grades 5-8

Series: No

What this book is about:

David can eat, and when I mean eat I don’t just mean an extra slice at the pizza shop. I mean a whole pizza in 4 minutes and 36 seconds flat. So when he mistakenly bids $2,000 for a hot dog from the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest he needs money fast. Just his luck there is a pizza eating contest with a $5,000 grand prize but he isn’t the only big eater after the money.

Why I love this book:

  • First off the premise of the book is so fun. I don’t have a lot of knowledge about eating contests unless you count some ill advised stunts in college, so it’s quite entertaining to learn a little about this world.
  • David’s brother is autistic and while I don’t have any personal experience of living with a child with this disability, the story felt honest and kind when dealing with his issues. David is stoic in managing his brother Mal, proud of his accomplsiments, focused on helping him, frustrated with having to watch him all the time and loving.
  • Nice companion characters in this story. I liked David’s friends who are “working out” if they are in a relationship or not.  David also has parents who are caring and flawed, like so many of us.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who like realistic fiction. The relationship with the brother gives this story heart, but the eating contest keeps it playful. Reminds me a bit of Carl Hiaasen or Gordon Korman books so if your kids like those this is a good one to try.

Final thoughts:

It did take me a few days to want pizza or sliders again after reading this book.

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