Book Where Mystery and Puzzles Abound

Today I have a book where mystery and puzzles abound.  Set in a fictionalized New York City, three kids are trying to solve one of the most complex puzzles and save their home.  Will they be able to triumph where all others have failed?

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Title: York: The Shadow Ciphera book where mystery and puzzles abound york

Author: Laura Ruby

Target: Grades 4-8

Series: This is the first book in a planned series

What this book is about:

In the 1800’s the Morningstar twins create a New York City powered by technology no one has seen before. When these architects of the city disappear several years later, they leave behind a cipher, a puzzle buried within the city. This puzzle promises great riches to the ones who can solve it. No one has been able to crack the mystery. However when three kids are about to lose their apartment building, constructed by the Morningstar twins, they believe that if they can solve the riddles, their home won’t be destroyed. But what can three kids do that millions before them haven’t been able to accomplish?

Why I love this book:

  • Who doesn’t love an adventure filled with clues and puzzles to solve? While the reader will not be able to solve this on their own, they will quite enjoy following along with our intrepid kids as they decipher riddles to figure out the mystery. Sure coincidence and timing play a key role in their success, but the cipher was really meant for them in the end.
  • This is a multi book series and I appreciated that the story had a conclusion while still opening the door for what comes next. I hate it when the early books in a series do not have a satisfying ending.
  • This book was an up and down ride for me. At times it was slow and other times I was turning pages quickly to see how they would solve the next riddle. A bit of an inconsistent experience overall but I think it depends on the reader.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who enjoy fantasy and mysteries. Kids who liked Chasing Vermeer or The Mysterious Benedict Society should like this one.

Final thoughts:

I enjoyed that while the setting was New York City it was a fantasy version of the place. References to familiar things made this version feel plausible.

To purchase this book:

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