Book Toddlers Will Eat Up

Today I have a book toddlers will eat up.  Simon and Schuster sent me a copy of this giant board book and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I had never read the authors other titles, but the sheer size of this one intrigued me immediately.  I read it out loud to get the full effect and knew after the first go around that this is one my kids would have demanded I read again and again.

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Title: Chomp Goes the Alligatorbook toddlers will eat up chomp goes the alligator

Author: Matthew Van Fleet

Target: Preschool

What this book is about: 

Our very hungry alligator keeps seeing animals by the swamp that look so tasty he cannot resist.  He starts with one shiny, blue fish, moves on to two splashing otters, consumes three standing cranes … well, you get the idea.  He gets all the way to ten fluttering hummingbirds, but darn that one last little fish does him in.  With a gigantic burp the entire menagerie of animals is released and I am thrilled to say that our alligator never loses his manners as he utters a final “excuse me!”

Why I love this book:

  • With every “chomp, chomp, chomp!”  kids get to pull a tab that opens and closes our alligator’s mouth.  They will love both reciting the words and getting in on the action as the alligator gobbles us his meal.
  • This book has some fun touch and feel moments on every two-page spread.  Readers get a tease of what animal comes next with sticky strips, fuzzy soft tails, and leathery skin.  Between that and the pull tab kids will get fully immersed in this book.
  • Of course, early counting skills are also emphasized and I would be remiss in not noting the pop-up and the end of the book when all the animals are regurgitated looking mighty relieved.

Who this book is for:

Great for younger kids who are learning to count and enjoy interactive fare.  The larger size will certainly entice little ones to want to pick this one up.

Final thoughts:

The cover wasn’t my favorite, but the layout inside the book was much more appealing.

To purchase this book:

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