Book to Encourage Summer Entrepreneurs

Now who doesn’t want a book to encourage summer entrepreneurs?  Why not get your kids off their phones and computers and have them hit the streets to set up a lemonade stand.  Warren Buffet used to have his own lemonade business as a kid, and his new worth didn’t turn out to be too shabby.  So get your kids reading and before you know it they could become young capitalists,  Oh, the power of books.

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Title: The Lemonade Warthe lemonade war book to encourage summer entrepreneurs

Author: Jacqueline Davies

Target: Grades 3-5

Series: Yes

What this book is about:
This story is about a brother and sister who are engaged in a good old fashioned lemonade challenge. They are fighting over which sibling can make the most money selling lemonade the week before school starts. Evan is a people person, his sister Jessie is a math wiz, and between the two of them they figure out that running a business takes a whole lot of skills not just charm or number crunching.

Why I love this book:

  • This book has real business lessons about profit margins, goodwill, location and value added. I love that it teaches kids basic financial skills, without sacrificing an engaging story and believable characters.
  • The chapters are told from the perspective of both the brother and the sister, so we get good sense of where each sibling is coming from in regards to the competition.
  • The book tackles issues of pride, rivalry and business ethics in a very readable manner!

Who this book is for:
Perfect for kids wanting to set up a lemonade stand this summer! Because it is not a long book, it will not overwhelm a reluctant reader. My reluctant reader (who also loves math) picked this one out of a pile I had given him and was engaged until the end. Great for any kid who wants to learn basic business concepts.  If they like this one, hand them The Pet War next.

Final thoughts:
A fun read to introduce kids to basic business skills without sacrificing the story!

To purchase this book:
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