Book for Kids About Being in the Movies

How many kids secretly hope that they will be discovered for a role in motion pictures?  This book for kids about being in the movies is a wonderful story about an everyday kid who has a chance at fame.  It is also a realistic portrayal about the ups and downs of getting what you wish for.  I like that there are good things and difficult things with any decision made and it’s about balancing what is important in your life.

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Title: Pete Milano’s Guide to Being a Movie StarPete Milano book for kids about being in the movies

Author: Tommy Greenwald

Target: Grades 3-7

Series: This is a companion book to the Charlie Joe Jackson Series

What this book is about:
Pete Milano is a class cut up who pulls lots of pranks on his classmates. In the midst of one of his escapades he gets discovered by a casting director looking to fill a part in a new movie that will be shot in his town. Pete gets the part and becomes the school’s most popular kid, until he isn’t. Working with the rich and famous and getting out of school causes a lot of jealousy with his classmates, and while the film is fun, it also takes a lot of work and time away from other things. Sometimes getting what you wish for turns out to be harder than you expected.

Why I love this book:

  • Pete is that every kid who gets to be in a movie. How fun is that? Terrific appeal to readers who may also dream big.
  • Tommy Greewald creates books that are so relatable and readable. His characters are true to life with the same problems as our kids. His humor always keeps the books moving and enjoyable.
  • I was very impressed with his knowledge of the film industry and the ups and downs of the business. Kids will feel it is a true portrayal of what being on movie set is actually like.

Who this book is for:
Great for any readers who like realistic fiction and funny books. Pete is a character from the Charlie Joe Jackson series, so kids who like that series will enjoy this book. However, you do not need to have read that series to enjoy or follow this story.

Final thoughts:
While the illustrations in the book are fabulous at including a variety of ethnicities, I am a little disappointed by how immature everyone is portrayed. It feels like the pictures do not match the tone of the book.

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