Book for Kids Inspired by Basketball

Today I have a book for kids inspired by basketball.  If your child has developed a thing for March Madness, it’s time to harness that enthusiasm and get them reading!  Now is the time to channel that passion into a good book.

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Title: Airball: My Life in Briefsairball book for kids inspired by basketball
Author: L.D. Harkrader
Target: Grades 3-6
Series: No

What this book is about:
Kirby Nickel loves basketball, he just isn’t a very good player. However, Kirby jumps at the chance to join the middle school team when hometown hero and NBA star Brett McGrew invites the team to his college alma matter. The team has to improve before the big meeting and the new coach’s radical plan to improve the kids involves playing in their briefs. Kirby sticks with it, hoping to have the chance to meet Brett, who he secretly thinks may be his long lost father.

Why I love this book:
Middle school boys have to play basketball in their underwear! Really, how can you not giggle at that! Some of the scenes that Harkrader has written are laugh out loud funny which will keep kids thoroughly engaged.

Kirby is also such a likable character. His perseverance and the teamwork of all the boys gives kids some good life lessons from sports.

Who is it for:
Boys who like sports but who are also ready for a good story will enjoy this one. Basketball may get them to pick the book up, the touching and funny story will keep them engaged.

Final Thoughts:
A slam dunk

To purchase this book:
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