Book for Kids Featuring Skateboarding

Today I have a book for kids featuring skateboarding.  When parents are trying to get their kids to read, the “experts” always say to pick books on topics in which kids are interested.  The problem, in some cases, is there just aren’t a lot of offerings if your kids like an activity which is outside the mainstream.  Baseball or football, you’re covered.  Skateboarding – not so much – until now.

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Title: The Seven Stair Crew: Street Kingsthe seven stair crew street kings book for kids featuring skateboarding

Author: Brad V. Cowan

Target: Grades 4-7

Series: Yes

What this book is about:

Cale really wants to become a member of the Seven Stair Crew. To become part of the gang he needs to ollie the set of seven stairs at the Plaza where they hang out and ride. It’s Spring Break and he not only needs master his initiation but also find his voice among the skaters, stand up for himself and find the confidence to ride up to his potential.

Why I love this book:

  • How often do you get a book that focuses on skateboarding? This book is for skaters and I must admit that I didn’t always understand all the tricks and flips, but that never dampened my enthusiasm for the story. For kids who want the details of skateboarding laid out, this is the story.
  • The writing really keeps the action going. There isn’t a lull in the story which I appreciated.
  • Cale is a good kid and I liked him immediately. I also appreciated his relationship with his mom and felt the interactions among both his peers and the older kids where true to life.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who love to skateboard. This is also a good book for reluctant readers because of the quick pace and the length of the story at 134 pages. It is not at all intimidating to readers.

Final thoughts:

I appreciate it when sports books veer away from the big three: Baseball, Football and Basketball. Those sports are great, but there are plenty of those offerings for kids. I would love to see more skateboarding, soccer, track and lacrosse books.

To purchase this book:

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