Book for Girls Who Code

Today I have a book for girls who code.  This book absolutely inspired me and I have to admit that I might have been more interested in computer science if I had had these teens’ experiences to motivate me.  The game they created that went viral, Tampon Run, thrust these girls into the spotlight and has given them an amazing platform to share their lives, challenges and struggles.  I love that they are never preachy, but simply share how they are managing choices and decisions that many teens have to face.  This is a great read for both a teen and an adult

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Title: Girl Codegirl code book for girls who code

Authors: Andrea Gonzales & Sophie Houser

Target: Grades 7 and up

Series: No

What this book is about:

This book is the very true story of two girls who met at coding camp while in high school. They created a game that went viral and the book not only talks about their passion for coding, but also their views on girls in tech, the role of women’s issues in video games and their own future paths which may or may not include computer science.

Why I love this book:

  • First off this book is written by the girls in alternating voices and their fears, excitement and issues shine through. Readers will know they are listening to teens who share many of the same concerns such as a fear of speaking up, a desire not to disappoint their families and an ability to manage (or not) all the conflicting interests in their lives.
  • I loved that these girls see coding as a game/puzzle they have to solve. They make coding sound so appealing that even I was inspired to try some of the tutorials in the back of the book. This book may not turn an uninterested kid into a believer, but for girls who have never really understood the fun of coding and are open to the idea, this book will certainly encourage them to see the excitement and the challenge.
  • I appreciated that they touched on both the topics of teamwork and managing activities. The book looks at how coding can be a solitary activity or a group process and highlights the value in sharing ideas. It also shows how the girls are wrestling with all the actives in their lives and the choices they have to make about where to spend their time.

Who this book is for:

Great for girls who might one day be interested in computer science and also for girls who already have the bug. If your kids have graduated from Secret Coders, this a great next step.

Final thoughts:

These are two incredibly real and likable girls. I would have loved a book like this when I was a teen.  I also loved the simple coding tutorial in the back of the book.

To purchase this book:

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