Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur

There is a weird time in a child’s ready progression when they have moved on from an early chapter book but are not quite ready for some of the tomes out there for middle school readers.  That is when the book I am profiling today comes in handy.  It skews a little older in content, but is still a manageable read for kids who have just moved up in their reading level.  This book is full of fun and amazing inventions that will hopefully leave your kids trying to create the next big thing!

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Title: Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur
Author: Luke Sharpe
Target: Grade 3-5
Series: Yes
What this book is about: 
Billy has just found fame and fortune as the young inventor of the All Ball, a ball that literally changes into almost any ball used in sports.  Since he is inundated with potential new product ideas from his classmates, he starts a website to find the next big idea.  Hundreds of ideas come in and the Sibling Silencer is the invention he picks to work on.  The problem is that he isn’t quite sure how he invented the All Ball since the plans mysteriously appeared in his room one morning.  So how is he going to get the Sibling Silencer to work?
Why I love this book:
This is a lighthearted mystery with a humble main character and lots of silly and outrageous ideas for new products.  Kids will certainly enjoy hearing about all the wacky products that come in for the next big thing as well as trying to solve the mystery of the All Ball plans.  Billy feels like a normal kid, which makes this one relatable, even though creating any of the ideas would basically be impossible for a seventh grader!
Who this book is for:
This book is a quick, easy read with large type and smaller pages.  Reminded me in many respects of Benji Franklin, although this book was actually more realistic.
Final thoughts:
I always like books with kid entrepreneurs, it shows children that their ideas can have value!
To purchase this book:
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