Best Qualities to Be President

This picture book explores the best qualities to be President.  This book was written before #45 was running for office, so any inference you make regarding his personality and Squid’s personality were not the intent of the author when developing this story.  This book simply represents the important lesson that leadership and respect are qualities that must be earned.  These things take hard work and dedication, a truth I certainly want my kids to be mindful of.

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Title: President Squidpresident squid best qualities to be president

Author: Aaron Reynolds

Target: Preschool – Grade 2

What this book is about:

In this story Squid decides that he should be President and he gives us his five reasons which include his big house and the fact that he gets to do all the talking. However, the other sea creatures appear unimpressed with his credentials. When he finally helps a sardine out the clutches of a clam, he gains the admirations of his fellow fish but this is when he realizes that being hailed as a President will take a lot more work than he originally intended. Perhaps King Squid has a better ring to it?

Why I love this book:

  • The illustrations by Sara Varon are bold and bright. There is no missing our neon pink Squid as he steals the show!
  • Cute story line that reminds kids that good deeds and not a larger than life image are what is required if you want the respect of your peers. Leadership is earned, not taken.

Who this book is for:

Fun book for most kids and an amusing way to start talking about picking a President and leadership in general.

Final thoughts:

A great primer on how not to behave if you want to be a respected leader.

To purchase this book:

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