Best Graphic Novel Series for Kids

My favorite graphic novelist/historian has a new installment to his very popular series Nathan Hale’s Hazerdous Tales.  If you are unfamiliar with these books, Nathan Hale takes actual events from the past and the individuals who participated in them and crafts a historically accurate story with dialogue that is funny, gag filled and incredibly clever.  The phrases uttered may be pure fiction but your kids will be well versed in the background of our American history.

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Title: Nathan Hale’s Hazardours Tales: Alamo All-Stars
Author: Nathan Hale
Target: Grades 4-8
Series: Yes
What this book is about:
In this sixth installment in the series, Nathan Hale takes on the fight for an independent Texas as it seeks American Statehood against the Mexican despot, Santa Anna.  Of course we learn of the exploits and adventures of Davy Crockett, Stephen Austin and Jim Bowie and how they came to fight at the Alamo and their eventual loss at the hands of the Mexican army.
Why I love this book:
  • Nathan Hale is a master at historical fiction and his graphic novel format makes his topics much more relatable and entertaining to kids than traditional non fiction texts.
  • This book is not beyond a silly joke or clever gag so kids will be absolutely amused while absorbing so much of our history.
  • The one drawback to this book is the plethora of Mexican names and places to remember.  These are not names kids will be familiar with, so the book can get confusing at times because kids will not have a point of reference for some of the material.  This is not something I was concerned about in his other books that deal with more well known historical events.  But this book may be challenging for some younger kids who enjoy this series.
Who this book is for:
Great for kids who like history, battles and graphic novels.  This is probably not the book to start with in the series because much of the history will be new to them.  I would start with One Dead Spy to set up the premise of the books.


Final thoughts: 
I really think Nathan Hale should begin writing history textbooks.  If I had a textbook that made history as entertaining as these books have, I really would have done better in those classes!

To purchase this book:
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