Basketball Early Reader

Ok, the sports books continue with this wonderful basketball early reader.   I was surprised I enjoyed this one so much!  But if an author who is a basketball legend and a basketball theme can hook kids early into becoming readers, I’m all for it.

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Title: Little ShaqLittle Shaq basketball early reader

Author: Shaquille O’Neal

Target: Grade 1-2

Series: Yes

What this book is about:
Little Shaq hasn’t been a good friend to his cousin Barry. He doesn’t pass Barry the ball for the final basket at their team’s basketball game and Little Shaq takes over their video game, not letting Barry play at the crucial moments. In frustration, Barry accidentally breaks the video disk. If the boys want to play again they will have to pay for a new one, which means they have to work together to earn the money. That teamwork off the court helps translate into teamwork on the court when Barry has a chance to score for their team.

Why I love this book:

  • Ok, not highbrow literature, but a fun early chapter book that delivers on basketball and team work.
  • I liked it that both boys were held responsible for the game that broke. While Barry actually delivered the game crunching blow, it was Little Shaq’s behavior that led to the outburst.

Who this book is for:
The language, large type and colorful illustrations make it a great book for kids who want to start chapter books.  Boys who like basketball will be drawn to this one.

Final thoughts:
I am not typically a fan of famous people who try to write kid’s books, but this was a nice entrant and I appreciate Shaquille’s desire to promote reading among his fans.

To purchase this book:
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