Back to School Book

There is a new back to school book this year and it is good!  These stories don’t often impress me, but this one is a fresh take on the first day of school and it shakes things up a bit, in the best possible way.

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Title: School’s First Day of SchoolSchool's First Day back to school book

Author: Adam Rex

Target: Preschool – Grade 1

What this book is about

In typical books about the first of day of school we hear from the kids, the parents and even the teacher. But how often do we hear the perspective of the school itself? Well, this glaring omission is now rectified. In this story, we learn how the school feels when it is filled with students, when it accidentally sets off the fire alarm (embarrassing!) and when children are busy learning. Not everything is rosy, but at the end of the day school feels pretty lucky to be well, a school.

Why I love this book

  • Funny stuff here. School has an honest innocence and some spunk, which plays well with kids and adults who see the humor. While not everything goes as planned, in the end school is a pretty nice place to be.
  • Love, love, love the illustrations by Christian Robinson. They are charming, inclusive, colorful and the perfect compliment to the written word.
  • I appreciate the unique perspective of the story. Back to school books have been done to death and they are usually so predictable. This one made me notice it in the best possible way.

Who this book is for

Great for kids returning to school or just starting kindergarten. Older kids will also get some of the subtler humor in the story.

Final thoughts

A must have back to school book.

To purchase this book

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