Athletes Were Once Kids Too

With the Olympics around the corner, this is a time when kids (and maybe a few adults) start to fantasize about being an elite athlete.  I remember Nadia Comaneci and her perfect 10.  Yes, I was going to be next celebrated female gymnast.  The fact that I couldn’t do a cartwheel was not at all relevant to my impending greatness.

Well, the truth is that all professional athletes were once kids with dreams and ambitions.  They had chores, hated to go the practice and got cut from their teams.  Knowing the realities they faced were similar to our own kids means that we can all keep on dreaming for a little while longer … until that cartwheel catches up to us.

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Title: Kid AthletesDSC_7718

Author: David Stabler

Target: Grades 3-6

Series: No but there are companion book, Kid Presidents and Kid Artists

What this book is about:

This book is about the lives of some of the most famous athletes when they were kids. The best part is that these individuals had many of the same challenges that regular kids face on a daily basis. These notorious athletes got in trouble in school, they didn’t make the varsity team, they had to participate in dance class and they were the smallest kid on the field! Even professional athletes who seem like they have everything going for them were once self-conscious kids who had to struggle through every day problems!

Why I love this book:

  • First off I love the range of sports represented. The book profiles Bobby Orr the hockey player, Bruce Lee, kung fu master, Julie Krone, first female jockey and Lionel Messi, international soccer star. Yes there are still baseball, basketball and football players included but it is nice to see other sports represented.
  • The illustrations by Doogie Horner are so clever. They had me giggling throughout these stories. There is just the right amount of sarcasm!
  • It is always a treat to hear about someone you respect when they were young. It humanizes them and makes kids realize that with hard work, maybe, just maybe, they have what it takes.

Who this book is for:
If your child loved the first book about Kid Presidents then definitely pick this one up. Great for kids who love sports but also a win for reluctant readers. Each chapter represents a different athlete and with plenty of illustrations this book is full of fun and not at all intimidating.

Final thoughts:

I hope they do a book on Kid Entrepreneurs. I would love to read about Bill Gates and Walt Disney when they were young!

To purchase this book:

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