Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

Are you a cat person or a dog person?  Isn’t this really the fundamental question in life?  Well for our siblings in this story it all comes down to that underlying question.  Of course as all good books that feature sibling rivalries will do, this one has a competition to see which animal will win out.  The race is on in this no holds bared match up were each sibling must use their business  acumen to beat the other.

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Title: The Pet Warpet-war are you a cat person or a dog person

Author: Allan Woodrow

Target: Grade 4-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

Otto wants a dog and his sister Lexi wants a cat. Their mother doesn’t want either. However, in a moment of weakness she tells them that whoever earns $500 over the period of one month will get the pet they wish for. The race is on, and Otto is frantic to come up with ways to earn extra cash. Along the way he learns that he is responsible for the cost of goods (he can’t sell all his mom’s apples for ten cents a piece and come out with any profit), that his ideas have to fill a need (magic shows do not do that) and that even if he does get hired he is responsible for showing up on time! Earning $500, like having a pet, is hard work.

Why I love this book:

  • Well I really enjoyed the little business lessons embedded in the story. I got a warm fuzzy in my MBA heart. It is never too early to teach kids about how money is earned and that being organized not only expands your opportunities but also your pocketbook!
  • Spoiler alert: I like that Otto doesn’t win the contest. He learns a lot, becomes more responsible and is a much better brother by the end. Hey, winning is not always the outcome you get but you can still walk away a better person.
  • This book has plenty of funny moments and kids will find themselves giggling while reading.

Who this book is for:

Great for boys and girls. Pet lovers will be rooting for the sibling who matches their pet preference. You are either a cat person or a dog person! Good book on business fundamentals for kids and reminded me of The Lemonade War. Kids who enjoyed that series will like this one.

Final thoughts:

I thought the ending was a little bit of a cop out, (I will not spoil any more so you have to read the story) but I still really enjoyed the book!

To purchase this book:

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