Applied Science Can Be Fun for Kids

This book series proves that applied science can be fun for kids.  This entertaining piece of fiction gives us a look at how technology may continue to be incorporated into our everyday lives with some benefits and some risks!

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Title: The Forgetting Machineforgetting machine applied science can be fun for kids

Author: Pete Hautman

Target: Grades 4-6

Series: This is the second book in the series and does work as a stand alone book

What this book is about:

Ginger Crump lives in the town of Flinkwater, home to ACPOD, a world renowned computer company. Most of the residents are quite bright and invent gadgets that do the darnedest things. When the folks around town start forgetting some basic everyday stuff, Ginger suspects something has gone awry. Turns out someone is replacing their memories with a jumble of facts and Ginger and her friend Billy have to get things sorted out before they no longer remember there is a problem to solve!

Why I love this book:

  • Ginger is just the best character. I love her sarcasm, wit and matter of fact attitude. She is never too ruffled to have a great comeback.
  • I like the message of how technology and ebooks are something to be embraced, but that paper books still have a purpose and a joy.
  • As always I love the unique applications of technology in the story. The “Present or Future?” section in the back of the book looks at all the inventions and suppositions in the book to determine how realistic they are.

Who this book is for:

If your kids liked the first book The Flinkwater Factor then this is a no brainer. Kids who enjoyed Tesla’s Attic will also enjoy this one, although I would say this book skews a bit younger.

Final thoughts:

The first book in the series is the stronger of the two, but this one is still a fun ride and lovely read.

To purchase this book:

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