An Unlikely Hero

Today I have a book with an unlikely hero.  Marty Pants is an artist, he is a little clueless and he is entirely convinced that an alien is watching him.  Be prepared to be entertained by this nonconventional good guy who really ends up saving the day.

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Title: Marty Pants: Do Not Open!an unlikely hero marty pants

Author: Mark Parisi

Target: Grades 3-6

Series: Yes

What this book is about:

Marty is an artist. He discovers this skill as a baby after sneezing strained carrots on to the side of the wall and the resulting mess looks remarkably like the famous painting The Scream. With a true artist’s temperament, he has convinced himself that his teacher is an alien who will take over the world and that he alone can stop this from happening. He turns out to be an unlikely hero, despite himself.

Why I love this book:

  • Marty is just funny, a little sarcastic and a whole lot of clueless in this story. Obvious inaccuracies’ in his premise will not get in the way of his saving the universe. I think I laughed out loud a few times, which doesn’t happen that often so it is worth noting.
  • Marty is totally lovable and absolutely endearing. Of course, his friends Roongrat and Parker are also quirky. Roongrat knows it all, or maybe I should say he thinks he does, and Parker is that kid who will listen to Marty and be on his side no matter what and that skill is tested.
  • Great illustrations throughout the story, although my one beef is that I almost mistook Marty’s sister for his mother.

Who this book is for:

Good book for kids who love Big Nate or Timmy Failure. Perfect for fans of illustrated novels.

Final thoughts:

A clever new entrant into this category.

To purchase this book:

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