An Early Reader for Gamers

Today I have an early reader for gamers.  I know that parents tend to despair when their kids prefer video games over reading.  While this book will not solve that problem, it will provide kids with a story that combines their passion with an actual reading experience, hopefully making both parents and kids happy.  I love a win/win.

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Title: Press Start: Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy!press start an early reader for gamers

Author: Thomas Flintham

Target: Kindergarten – Grade 2

Series: Yes

What this book is about:

This book follows a boy as he plays the computer game Super Rabbit Boy Land. Animal Town is in trouble when the mean King Viking kidnaps Singing Dog and spreads unhappiness throughout the land. Super Rabbit Boy must make it through six levels of play to bring Singing Dog home and defeat King Viking. Super Rabbit Boy powers up with carrots, he jumps on robots and hops through sinking sand. Even when he losses all his lives the boy starts the game again and doesn’t give up until happiness is returned to Animal Town!

Why I love this book:

  • This is a fun way to translate a love of computer games into reading. The book is literally following a computer game level by level as lives are lost and Robo Bashers are defeated.
  • The illustrations put readers right into the action as they follow Super Rabbit Boy through his journey in a first person narrative. The visuals are quite colorful and action packed which will draw readers in.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids moving to early chapter books. Each page only has a few sentences. Perfect pick for game addicted kids.

Final thoughts:

I was actually surprised there is not an accompanying game that mirrors the book.  But perhaps that is for the best.

To purchase this book:

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