An Absolutely Charming Chapter Book

Today I have an absolutely charming chapter book.  I have never met a Kate DiCamillo book I didn’t like, but this one ranks right up there with my favorites.  Lousianna Elefante will captivate readers with her willfulness and spunk but her voyage of self-discovery will leave a lasting impression.

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Title: Louisiana’s Way Homean absolutely charming chapter book Louisiana's way home

Author: Kate DiCamillo

Target: Grades 4-6

Series: This book can be read alone or as an accompaniment to Raymie Nightingale

What this book is about:

Louisiana is taken out of her bed at three in the morning.  Her granny is convinced the day of reckoning has arrived and they must leave immediately.  With that Louisiana is whisked away from her cat, one-eyed dog, and her true friends.  They land in the town of Richford where granny is in immediate need of a dentist.  Her recovery means that Louisiana has time to get acquainted with the folks in this small Georgia town.  However, when the secrets of Louisiana are revealed to her, she must decide who she wants to be and how to forgive.

Why I love this book:

  • Louisiana was a character that was introduced to us in DiCamillo’s last book Raymie Nightengale.  While I liked that book, it did not reach out and grab my heart the way Louisiana’s story did.  One minute I was laughing out loud and the next I was grabbing a tissue to wipe away a tear.  Darn you, Kate DiCamillo.  She has taken the big issues of how we define ourselves and forgiveness and made them accessible to a young reader.  This women never writes down to her audience but encourages them to think beyond their own experiences.
  • Lest you think that she only covers the humungous topics of self-definition and absolution, rest assured DiCamillo never thinks that small.  The book parallels the Pinnochio story of finding your family in the most unexpected places and of course the curse of sundering.  
  • I fell in love with Louisianna’s voice from the start.  She is matter of fact, wily and refreshing.  I was so sad when the story ended and I could no longer spend time with her.

Who this book is for:

Fans of Kate DiCamillo will not be disappointed.  If your child liked Raymie Nightingale this book is a slam dunk.  

Final thoughts:

Just like Jennifer Holmes with Full of Beans, DiCamillo has found her solid footing with a sequel that is better than the first book.

To purchase this book:

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