Adventures of a Girl Who Bikes Across the Country

Today I have a story that shares the adventures of a girl who bikes across the country.  Bicycle (yes, that is her name) seems to be struggling to make friends, but an impromptu treck across the United States shows Bicycle, and the folks who love her, that she can connect with others.

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Title: The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycleadventures of a girl who bikes across the country

Author: Christina Use

Target: Grades 4-7

Series: No

What this book is about:

Bicycle is a young girl who has grown up living at the Mostly Silent Monastery in Washington DC.  She doesn’t particularly like other children which worries her guardian, Sister Wanda.  When Sister Wanda signs her up for a camp where she is guaranteed to make three friends, Bicycle decides to sneak away.  Her goal is to get to San Francisco where she can meet Zbig, a famous cyclist, with whom she knows she can foster a friendship.  However, the only way to get to SF is on her bicycle, so off she goes for a cross-country trip like no other.

Why I love this book:

  • This book appealed to me from the start because my son is a cyclist and he is planning to bike cross country next summer.  I loved reading about Bicycle’s trip because the author herself has made the journey. The landscape is accurate if you don’t count being able to walk right into Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby or a pick up a singing ghost at a battlefield in Virginia.
  • This story went a bit into the fantasy realm and at first, that worried me, but I was absolutely charmed by the time we got to Missouri.  Between the bike crushing pigs, the interactive “good luck” bike and the Slow Down Cafes, I was sucked into the story.  There is plenty of adventure to carry the narrative along and the quirks of the story just added to the charm.
  • There are great lessons in this book about perseverance and friendship.  Friendship may not come in exactly the package you are expecting, but a friend is a friend none the less.

Who this book is for:

Great for kids who like fantasy and adventure. Kids who like books such as The Flinkwater Factor should enjoy this one.

Final thoughts:

This one might just inspire your kids to get on a bike!

To purchase this book:

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