Adult Books to Watch

Since I have been off at Book Expo I thought I would do something for the parents who read and support this blog. I frequently get asked for adult book recommendations to supplement my kid picks, but I frankly just don’t have time to read that much and still function.  However, this trip I made sure to find out the adult books to watch.

I made a special point of attending the Adult Book Buzz. This is where booksellers, librarians and other industry professionals select those books coming out that they think will be the “hot” tittles for the year. The editor of each selected book share the bones of the story, a little bit about the author and why this book moved them.

I have to admit that after hearing their pitch I was sorely tempted to put aside my kid fare and dig in to these novels. I have summarized the books below. I have not read them so they may or may not be as good as advertised. But if passion plays any role in selling a story, then these books are rich with admirers.

Unraveling Oliver
by Liz Nugget
Publication Date: 8/22/17

The editor Jackie Cantor was beyond charming in selling this story, but I probably would have been drawn to it regardless. Oliver’s wife has discovered a secret about him, and when she confronts him with it he beats her, rendering her unconscious. The story is the discovery of the secret and how Oliver became the man before us. Jackie sold this as the story of a bad guy who is oh so appealing. Oliver is the ultimate con man and while he is morally depraved, it is fascinating to understand what makes him tick.  I also just love the cover on this one!




Stay With Me
by Ayobami Adebayo
Publication Date: 8/22/17

This book is from a Nigerian writer and set in her native country. The story is about marriage, infertility, and native customs but ultimately it is about the lies couples tell each other when they are faced with challenges in their marriage. When our main character gets married and can’t produce an heir, a second wife ifs brought in to fill that role. It does not go well.




My Absolute Darling
by Gabriel Tallent
Publication Date: 8/29/17

This book was described as being in the same vein as To Kill a Mockingbird. The main character Turtle is a fourteen year old girl who lives in the back woods of Northern California with her father. She meets Jacob, a high school boy who opens up her world with his humor and love. She can no longer live the life she has with her father and therein the conflict arrises. I was promised this is a page turner! There is violence but the editor assured us it is not gratuitous and the ending is uplifting with Turtle saving herself!




The World of Tomorrow
by Bendan Mathews
Publication Date: 9/5/17

I can’t say that I am absolutely sure what this book was about. It was described as a New York novel featuring three Irish brothers. Kind of like an Irish Godfather with well developed female characters. I got the sense it was a book that takes you through the sprawling NYC pre WW II scene with a diverse set of characters whose lives converge in the most fascinating ways.





The Immortalists
by Chloe Benjamin
Publication Date: 1/9/18

This book was probably the most interesting to me personally and may even break into my pile of kid’s books. The editor asked the question “If you knew when you were going to die, how would you live your life?” In this story four siblings sneak out to a fortune teller who tells them their last day on earth. The book is written chronologically, one sibling at a time, sharing their lives after learning their fate. The editor assured us that the book is not about dying but instead about how to live and insisted it ended on an optimistic note. That sold it for me.





The Woman in the Window
by A.J. Finn
Publication Date: 1/23/18

This book was probably the most intriguing of the bunch. The main character is home bound and spends her days looking out the window, scrutinizing the neighbors. When she sees something bad happen, no one believes her and then she begins to doubt her own recollections. How reliable is the narrator and did it happen or not? I love stuff like that.



So there you have the picks to watch. If you have made it this far and live in Los Altos shoot me an email if The Immortalists, My Absolute Darling or Stay With Me are of interest. I have advanced copies and am happy to lend them out if you want to impress all your friends with your sophisticated summer reads. I also have The World of Tomorrow but my husband has staked a claim so you will have to wait until he is done!