Adult Books Adapted for Kids

We are seeing a surge in adult books adapted for kids.  I like this trend because good stories are often a little too complex for kids in their original format, and making changes that simplify the story and streamline the narrative can make these powerful books accessible to a younger audience.  Some succeed well, some less well.  I thought I would take a look at Hidden Figures this week because parents may be compelled to purchase the book for their children because of the success of the movie.

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Title: Hidden Figures: Young Readers’ EditionHidden Figures adult books adapted for kids

Author: Margot Lee Shetterly

Target: Grades 5-8

Series: No

What this book is about:

This book profiles the black women at Nasa who helped build better planes in WWII and eventually helped put a man on the moon. This true story shows kids how the war helped create jobs for women and how the race to space increased the opportunities for minorities to hold important jobs at NASA. The incredible strength, smarts and work ethic of these women helped forge a path towards better equality for females and minorities as their work proved indispensable in these technological achievements.

What I thought:

Ok, this book was a bit of a dichotomy for me. I really appreciated learning about these women and found their accomplishments so inspiring. It is also a book that helps kids understand how the realities of war and the space race opened opportunities to improve race relations in the workplace. These improvements were taking much longer to achieve even in the town in which NASA was housed.

However, the story itself didn’t have the arc of excitement and buildup that I like to see in a compelling non fiction book for kids. This one was less story driven than I would have liked. Now I haven’t read the adult version so I don’t know how it compares, but for kids who need a compelling narrative, this one may not fit the bill.

Who this book is for:

Good book for kids who need to read a book about the race to space or who like character driven books. This book will not be a fit for every child, but for the right child it is a good choice.

Final thoughts:

Love that these women are getting their accomplishments recognized!

To purchase this book:

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