A Book to Win Kid’s Votes

With the RNC over and the DNC about to start up, I have been fascinated by election coverage.  We are about to witness quite a campaign and my kids are almost as intrigued about the media surrounding this event as I am.  What a great time to give them a book about running for president that will not only inform them, but keep them entertained.  Learning about the process behind an election is never boring with the books I am sharing with you this week.

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Title: The Kid Who Ran for PresidentThe Kid who Ran for President

Author: Dan Gutman

Target: Grades 3 – 6

Series: There is one sequel, The Kid Who Become President which is only available on Kindle

What this book is about:
Judson Moon is twelve years old, and after a little convincing from his best friend Lane, he decides to run for president. While he has no grasp on the issues, a running mate who is an elderly African American woman who used to be his babysitter and a first lady whose platform is to save the silkworm, Lane artfully masterminds Moon’s bid for the presidency as his campaign manager. Can a twelve year old ever really win the election to become president, or is it all just a joke gone wrong?

Why I love this book:

  • First off, when my son is laughing so hard he can’t keep reading a section of the book to me, I know the story is a winner. The clever wisecracks, and funny dialogue are perfect for this target group and it will keep them thoroughly engaged in this story.
  • While this book is not a civics lesson, it does manage to sneak in quite a lot of good information on how to amend the constitution, the process of the electoral college, maintaining journalistic integrity and understanding campaign finance.  I think  this will be especially useful information to know given the impeding election.

Who this book is for:
This book is funny and at 155 pages, not overwhelming at all. I think most kids will really enjoy the book and during this election year it will hold even more meaning!

Final thoughts:
A book where a kid could actually be president – how cool is that?

To purchase this book:

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