30 Days of Giving – Week One

30 Days of Giving – Week One

So, for a change of pace this November I am going to try and give away books every day this month. I get deluged with titles, and my cup is overflowing, so it is time to spread the wealth.  I have decided to challenge myself to give away at least one book a day from my vast collection of arcs and purchases as well as give money to charities that I support who purchase books.  Some will be outright gifts, some will be stealth, some will be desperate attempts but the goal is to brighten someone’s day with a book.

Check out my Instagram stories so you can see my deliveries each day.  Just click the Instagram button to the right of this post to get to my page.


Day 1

I delivered this book to the Free Library at our local Sweet Shop!








Day 2:

Left these gems wrapped up at my neighbor’s house.  There is a first grader and third grader who live there so I hope they enjoy the surprise and the gifts when they get home today.  Love spreading the joy.









Day 3: 

Selected some of my daughter’s favorite books from when she was younger and sent them to my niece who is in first grade.  Hope she loves getting a surprise package in the mail!








Day 4: 

Today I am donating to a charity that I love, www.barbershopbooks.org.  85% of America’s black male 4th-grade students are not proficient in reading and this wonderful program connects these boys to books in a male-dominated space that is culturally significant to them.  The founder, Alvin Irby is focused on selecting books that are funny and where these kids can see themselves in the stories.  I have included a link from a fabulous podcast he did on NPR: Turning Kids Into Readers, One Barbershop At A Time. It is worth a listen!

Looking for a place to donate where your dollars will make a difference?  Please consider Barbershop Books!


Day 5: 


Today is the first day of Diwali so I decided to drop this book off with my little neighbor who celebrates the festival of lights.  I hope she can share it with her friends who may not know as much about her celebration.  Check out the fabulous decorations she has in her yard!








Day 6: 

Today I dropped this adult book off at the house of a friend who was the first to invite me into a book club when I moved into town.  It was named one of the best books of the year by NPR, BuzzFeed and The Skimm.  I hope she enjoys it!








Day 7: 

Today I dropped off a tote bag full of books at the Friends of the Library.  They sell the books and then use the proceeds to buy new books for the library.  Most towns have non-profit groups that support their local libraries so check out what is available in your area.  A wonderful place to donate gently used reads to help fill your library full of fabulous new content.







Well, my first week of donations are done!  What a fabulous chance to give back.  Thank you to everyone who has been following along.  Let’s see what happens next week!