30 Days of Giving – Week 3

I am continuing my goal of giving away books or giving to book-related causes every day in November.  It has been a lovely challenge and a reminder that books can be fun and exciting surprises that put a smile on a kid’s (or grownup’s) face.  To see the recipients for the past two weeks check out my prior posts: 30 Days of Giving – Week One and 30 Days of Giving – Week Two.


Day 15:

Today I dropped this book off at my local coffee shop.  They have a bin with games and I thought a book might be a welcome addition.  It is just the type of book I would have devoured as a child.  I loved seeing how others would have lived throughout history.  I hope it provides some welcome relief for a mom or dad so that they can finish their cup of joe!








Day 16:

I brought these books to my neighbor. Her grandaughters just moved back to the area and I know she will be spending Thanksgiving with them.  They are in Grades 4 and 5 and I hope they enjoy these.  The Mother-Daughter Book Club was a favorite series of my daughter and Frazzled is a terrific graphic novel about starting middle school.








Day 17:

These fun selections went to my hairdresser.  She has two kids, one of whom is a voracious reader and the other who has not found books that inspire her … yet.  This selection of realistic fiction, graphic novel, and choose your own adventure is sure to give them both plenty of variety in their reading experiences.  I hope we get a little closer to success with her less than enthusiastic reader!








Day 18:

My daughter and I went to a friend’s house to work on a charity project.  To thank her for putting everything together I gave her this book.  She is such a go-getter that I thought this title fit her perfectly.  Hope she enjoys it.









Day 19: 

These books went to a lucky reader who made a comment on my Facebook or Instagram page.  I love that they will be in the hands of someone who is an activist at heart and who is willing to fight tyranny and injustice!









Day 20:

Today I shared these great graphic novels about coding with the woman who does my nails. She has a son in fourth grade and I think he is going to love these!









Day 21:


Today I made a donation to the African Library Project.  They collect books and send them to schools and communities in Africa.  The need there is so great and the poverty is so rampant that these books make a huge difference in the villages.  You can collect books for them or make a donation as I did today to help defray the cost of sending the books or physically setting up the libraries.  A wonderful organization.